Principal Investigator

      Xiaozhou Luo is a professor and executive director at Center for Synthetic Biochemistry (CSB), Institute of Synthetic Biology (iSynBio), Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences.
      Dr. Luo received his Bachelor degree from Nanyang Technological University in 2010, and PhD in chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute in 2016. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Jay D. Keasling’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley before joining SIAT.
      He is mainly engaged in the innovative research of synthetic biology of natural products and the directed evolution of enzymes. His work has been published in Nat Chem Biol, Cell Chem Biol, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, Angew Chem Int Ed and other top international academic journals.

Associate Professors

Hongting Tang(汤红婷)
Peking University, Postdoc

Shandong University, PhD in Microbiology
Engineering promoter, secretory pathway and genetic code expansion for high expression of recombiant proteins and applying them in synthetic biology

Assistant Professors & Postdocs

Huaxiang Deng (邓华祥)



PhD, 2012 – 2019, Jiangnan University (Prof. Yujie Cai)

Visiting PhD student, 2018 – 2019, University of California, at Berkeley (Prof. Jay D. Keasling)

BS, 2008 – 2012, Sichuan University of Science & Engineering (Prof. Dan Huang)

Work Experience

PostDoc, 2019 – 2021, Jiangnan University (Prof. Yujie Cai)

Assistant professor, 2021 – present, SIAT (Prof. Xiaozhou Luo and Jay D. Keasling)

Research interest: An efficient chemical platform in E. coli by biofoundry-assisted pathway debottlenecking

Haibing He (何海兵)



PhD, 2016 – 2020, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo; Supervisor: Prof. Ikuro Abe

MSc, 2013 – 2016, Ocean College, Zhejiang University, China; Supervisor: Prof. Zhongjun Ma

BS, 2009 – 2013, Jilin University, China

Work Experience

Assistant professor, 2022 – present,  SIAT

PostDoc, 2020 – 2022, SIAT,  (Prof. Xiaozhou Luo)

Research Interest:Enzyme engineering and metabolic engineering

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Research Assistants

Rui Di(狄睿)
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Food nutrition
Metabolic engineering of yeast for fermentation of natural products

Biming ZHONG (钟必鸣)
The University of Melbourne, Food science
Characterization and quantification of polyphenols in plants using LC-QTOF-MS/MS

mixian Zhao(赵米贤)
China Agricultural University, Agronomy and Seed Industry

Function of gut microbiota

Shumin Lin(林淑敏)
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Pharmaceutical Analysis
Complete biosynthesis of natural products

Soochow University, Microbiology
Function of Organic Hydroperoxide Resistance Gene against Organic Peroxides in Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Banlai Ruan(阮班来)
China Medical University, Basic Medical
Function of gut microbiota in diseases

Jing Wang(王景)
Southwest University, Genetics

Metabolic engineering and synthetic biology of Natural products


Dadeng Zhang(张达登)
Yunnan Agricultural University,Cultivation and identification of Chinese herbal medicine
Fungal Culture and fermentation

Qiuchi Song (宋秋池)
Sichuan Agricultural University, Plant biotechnology

biosynthesis of plant natural products


Junfeng Shen(沈俊峰)
Shenzhen University, Microbiology
Fungal secondary metabolites

Yulan Qiu(邱玉兰)
Zhejiang Wanli University, Biotechnology
Next generation sequencing

Graduate Students

Yanling Wu(吴燕玲)
PhD Student
University of Melbourne, Biotechnology
Regulation of gene expression by controling transcription factor, biosynthesis of terpenoid and automation technique transformation

Han Yu(余函)
Master Student

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Intelligent science and technology
Characterization of enzyme function, machine learning

Yan Chen (陈燕)
Master Student

Dalian University of Technology, Bioengineering
Biosynthesis of unnatural amino acids

Visiting Scholars

Feifei Li(李菲菲)
Inner Mongolia University, Biology
Biosynthesis, separation and extraction of natural products

Shuo Yang (杨硕)
Qilu University of Technology, Biology and medicine

Construction and Optimization of Microbial Cell factories

Yanan Qiao(乔亚南)
Institute of Microbiology, Shandong University, Natural Medicinal Chemistry
Synthetic biology about secondary metabolites from liverworts

Shengli Zhuang (庄胜利)
The University of Hong Kong, Postdoc
The University of Science and Technology of China, PhD

Main research fields are centered on the synthesis of metal clusters and their catalytic organic chemistry

Linlin Xu(徐林琳)
Northeast Forestry University,
Cell biology
Synthesis and regulation of plant natural products

Administrative Assistant

Zhenqin Wei(魏珍琴)
Nanchang Institute of Technology, Business Administration
Accounting Direction


Postdoctoral Fellows

Xixi Zhao(赵西西)
University of California, Berkeley

Jiazeng Yang(杨加增)

Dr. Que Chen(陈鹊)
Dr. Yin Zhang(张尹)
Dr. Ruidong Chen(陈瑞东)
Dr. Xiaoxue Zhou(周小雪)

Research Assistants

Shengtao Bo(薄胜涛)
Huan Lu(卢欢)
Shasha Li(李沙沙)

Tingye Feng(冯庭叶)

Nanzhu Chen(陈南柱)

University of Hong Kong
Doctoral student

Jiliang Deng(邓吉良)

WuHan University
Doctoral student

Changle Zhao(赵长乐)
Tianjin University
Doctoral student

Dawei You(尤大伟)

Peking University
Doctoral student

Yimeng Cui (崔一萌)
Xufan Lian(廉旭凡)
Yufei Chen(陈俞妃)
Ce Dong(董策)
Yanwu Deng(邓艳午)

Visiting Scholars

Weiyue Liang(梁维悦)
Jiangnan University
Master student

Yamin Lin(林亚敏)
Institute of Microbiology, CAS – Doctoral Student

Zexin Wang (王泽新)

Lijuan Liu (刘丽娟)
HongKong University

Donyi Liu (刘冬艺)
HongKong University


Zhaohui Zheng(郑兆辉)

Haolin Luo (罗浩林)
Shenzhen University
Master Student

Yuxian He (何雨贤)
Zao Zhuang University, Biotechnology

Haibing He 何海兵)