AI-based synthetic biology parts and strain engineering.

Develop a novel machine-learning algorithm for predicting element’s performance in synthetic biology. Apply mega data to precisely control element, improve enzyme’s specificity and activity, boost metabolic pathway.

Biosynthesis of Natural Products and their Unnatural Analogues.

Design and construct a de-novo synthetic pathway of natural products in microbial chassis. Mining the critical enzymes with bioinformatics and omics technology. Rationally design metabolic precursors to generate non-natural analogues. Metabolic engineering synthetic pathway and chassis robust for High titer, yield, and ratio.


Commercialization of technology and products.

Produce high-value nature products and fine chemicals, which are broadly applied in pharmaceutical, food, drink, health care, cosmetics, and textile industry et. We have an AI-assisted high throughput screening pipeline for engineering strain, based on Design-Construct-Learn-Test. We seek industry collaborators to commercialize this technology and products.